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“English Teachers as Change Agents”

A teacher stops to be a teacher if he or she doesn’t constantly find out something new, methodologically correct, which will ‘work’ in groups bringing students the joy of discovery, inspiration from being a part of the cognitive process.

That’s why the trainer of the “English Teachers as Change Agents” course Olena Molodek held a 40-hour-course with the teachers of the English language of our gymnasia, from September, 26, to November 15, 2016.  Our teachers were working enthusiastically during the workshops on the topics “Motivation”, “Classroom Management”, “Lesson Planning”, “Thinking Skills”, “Understanding Language Practice Activities” and “Continuous Professional Development”.

The courses gave an extremely emotional impact to developing methodological, professional skills of the teacher, their definite awareness of being an equal participant in the circle of students’ groups but not the one who is constantly at the head of the class, as only in close cooperation with teachers and students it is possible to create a situation of success for each student.


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